Managed by Navarre High School: Students at the Marine Science Station at the Navarre Beach Park promoting the appreciation, conservation, and understanding of the marine ecosystem of coastal Florida through education and service.
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Sun Aug 16, 2009 3:05 pm

Here is an article from Sat. PNJ.

Sea Camp wish list,
Carmen Paige • • August 15, 2009

Navarre Beach Marine Science Station needs a 1,000-gallon touch tank, students can learn about college life, and three students get scholarships thanks to Jay Hospital employees.

Science by the Sea Camp
Fourth-graders Darien King and Chandler Ormsby raced down Navarre Beach.

They wanted to be first in line to go kayaking.

"I'd never been kayaking until I came to camp," said Darien. "I love it."

About 50 students, ages 8-12, have participated in the first Science by the Sea Camp sponsored by the Navarre Beach Marine Science Station. They have dissected sharks, watched a scuba diving demonstration and gone on scavenger hunts using Global Positioning Systems.

"Dissecting a shark was my favorite," said Chandler. "It was kind of gross, but it was fun."

The camp and station are the brainchild of Charlene Mauro-Fearon, an award-winning marine science teacher at Navarre High School. Nineteen parents, Navarre High students and her former students have volunteered at camp this week.

"I want students in Santa Rosa and Escambia counties to participate in ocean awareness festivals and summer camps," she said. "I want them to learn about the marine environment, gain an appreciation of what we have in our area, and then contribute to the community through things like beach cleanups or planting seagrass."

Navarre High seniors Kasha Fahy, Jasmine Jordan and Wren Plank have spent more than 200 hours each painting murals throughout the 2,000-square-foot station. The school's building construction students also have put in hundreds of hours working on the facility.

"We tried to get in all aspects of marine life from coral reefs to the estuary lives of manatees," said Jasmine, 17.

Much of the station's equipment has been donated or paid for by grants.

On the wish list: a 1,000-gallon natural touch tank, a walkway to the Sound, an ice machine, sand wheelchairs, kayak racks and a travel trailer.

"I'd like to have a travel trailer to do outreach programs," she said.

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