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Mon Dec 03, 2012 12:27 pm

Something very touching and patriotic from our allies and neighbors to the North ~

"Eyes Right" tribute. A lone young Belgian waits to salute Canadian Troops who were attending a memorial service.

"EYES RIGHT" is a command given in parades that pass the reviewing stand. Usually high ranking officers and or dignitaries are present in the reviewing stand. This is a show of "respect".

These Canadian Troops show their class by giving the "EYES RIGHT" command in honour of the small boy in uniform, who saluted them with PRIDE.

The troops are 100 yards away and the young fellow already has his fingers extended and joined, ready to salute!

TO ALL in UNIFORM, past, present and future, and all those deployed. I hope my grandkids and all youngsters learn to appreciate their freedom like this young man.

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