Culver's Opening Tomorrow

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Mon Jun 08, 2015 4:37 pm

Just thought I'd let everyone know that Culver's Restaurant on the corner of Ortega St and Highway 98 is opening tomorrow, June 9. I had the pleasure of eating there this afternoon as part of the family pre-opening day, and I thought it was great. I had the Culver's double deluxe burger with onion rings and my wife had the single burger with cheese curds. We also had custard as a desert, and everything was really good. I've eaten a lot of burgers, and this was probably one of the better ones I have had. I can't tell you about the prices at this point since we didn't have to pay, and for more details on what they serve you can look at Culver's web site online. Navarre really needed something like style, locally owned, with a good variety menu. I'm sure they will have some kinks to work out, but I would encourage you to support them and give it a try. I'm sure there will be pros and cons and everyone will have a different opinion, but just be respectful and honest with your feedback. My two sons who are in college were fortunate enough to land part-time jobs there. The owners are a local family and are super nice. I want to publicly thank them for opening Culver's and bringing jobs and a family-style eatery to Navarre. I pray their business is successful and hope the residents of Navarre and our tourists get to benefit from this restaurant.
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Mon Jun 08, 2015 6:49 pm

Thanks for report! Sounds great...looking forward to trying them out next time I am in Navarre!

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Mon Jun 08, 2015 9:41 pm

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Randy Smith, the owner of the new Culver's restaurant invited Dale and I this afternoon to their soft opening. We already know that the exterior architecture of the building is beautiful. But the interior's flow, furniture and large colorful menu board is stunning.

I ordered a hamburger and Dale ordered a rhuban sandwich. I told the owner and the manager that my hamburger was the best I have eaten since I was in high school and that was a long time ago.

Oh the ice cream, which is frozen custard made fresh every two hours. This is not mushy soft serve ice cream. The frozen custard is hand dipped ice cream with perfect texture - not too hard and not too soft. Just perfect. I ordered a chocolate sundae with sliced bananas, pecans and topped with a cherry. If you love quality ice cream you are going to be deliriously happy with Culver's frozen custard.

I'm going to go back tomorrow and try their hand dipped milkshake and of course another delicious hamburger. They have a menu that will appeal to everybody.

I met the owner's wife Honey (that's her name) and she is a very positive Christian woman. I also met and had a long conversation with the owner's father. He told me that Culver's mission is to be very much involved in the Navarre community.

Tomorrow is the first day where Culver's will be open for business to the general public. My prayer is that this family owned business will be blessed greatly financially so that they can be a blessing to our community.
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Tue Jun 09, 2015 8:10 am

Looking forward to giving them a try. Have heard good things from friends "up-nordt" where Culver's has been around for a while.
But probably will hang back a little while until the rush of everybody that wants to "try the new place" subsides. (I'm not big on standing in lines and/or waiting.)
Maybe will take some of the pressure off of the, now, second newest (but not yet "old") restaurant - Ye Old Brothers - as happened with Samurai, where it is now easier to get in than when they first opened. And yes, completely different experiences - nice that we are getting some dining variety in Navarre. Now just need a really, really good steakhouse! :!:
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Tue Jul 07, 2015 9:24 pm

Had lunch there today. In a word FANTASTIC! Another Navarre Gem. They have a few kinks to work out, but nothing that will keep me away. Can't wait to go back!

Thanks to the owners for locating in Navarre. You were packed today and I look forward to contributing to your phenomenal succe$$!!!
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