Culvers Burgers coming to Navarre....

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Wed Dec 10, 2014 10:05 pm

They are members of the Chamber already and here is the corporate web site with menus etc:

Not exactly Gourmet food, but they do have a reputation for doing the "better" kind of burgers.

A.G. there are three of them in the Dallas area (Grapevine, Rockwall, and McKinney), so we can get to sample them before Navarre can!!!!

The Navarre Location is just a short walk away from Kenny - at the junction of Ortega and 98.
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Wed Dec 10, 2014 10:52 pm

Yep, Culvers' new location is about 2 blocks from my home and across the street from the new Japanese Steak House under construction since last summer is less than a block from Catus Flower. I predict that both new restaurants will be very well received.

From Culvers website:
Every day at Culver’s, we feature a unique flavor of our Fresh Frozen Custard—and it’s always different from one location to the next. Made fresh throughout the day, always with the choicest real ingredients.

Oh Boy! I love Frozen Custard.
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Sun Dec 14, 2014 5:45 pm

My family and I have been going to Wisconsin-based Culver's for years during our nearly annual family summer vacations to Wisconsin. They have these restaurants across much of Wisconsin, and the chain has been steadily spreading southward into Illinois and to other parts of the country. I always thought Culver's would do great in Florida. Culver's has a much more diverse menu than a typical fast food restaurant, and the food is all good. They also have great ice cream (frozen custard) products. I predict Culver's in Navarre will be an instant success. It will be a great place for our local high school students and families to eat. The tourists will love it, once they learn about it. Since there aren't many Culver's in the south, most of our tourists won't be familiar with the restaurant, but I think it will quickly become a "favorite" fast food restaurant for both locals and tourists on the Emerald Coast. It's nice to get a good, unique fast food restaurant like Culver's before Destin or Pensacola! Can anyone tell me when the new Culver's will be open in Navarre?
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Wed Dec 17, 2014 10:36 am

I am looking at this from a different angle. I am glad that Navarre is getting another business and I hope it does well but I am not a fan of national or regional chain restaurants...e.g., Culver's, Bob Evans, Perkins. I have eaten at all of them due to my travels. Most of the time they were out of necessity due to either late arrivals, nothing else in the immediate vicinity, etc. They all tend to look alike, taste alike and offer the same type cuisine. With the demographics Navarre offers, it may prove to be successful there. I prefer seeing more original restaurants by owners that have actually done their homework.
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