Commissioners delay decision on Navarre Beach Master Plan

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Kenny Wilder
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Fri Jul 27, 2007 10:16 am

No decision yet!

The County Commissioner’s public meeting opened yesterday with Commissioner Stewart, the Chairman stating that the main reason he was for changing the Master Plan was because the (4) beach houses at Summer Place are not as stong as condos that were destroyed by the last two hurricanes. And he said that this is why Summer Place should be allowed to change its current Low-Density zoning to High-Density. Commissioner Goodin immediately said that this was an inaccurate statement. Commissioner Goodin said that yes these (4) beach houses did receive some damage from Hurricane Ivan and Hurricane Dennis, but so did other beach houses and condos at Navarre Beach. Commissioner Goodin said that the beach houses are now protected by the beach restoration and its berm. [As soon as I can I will post photos of the Summer Place beach houses a few days after Hurricane Ivan and Hurricane Dennis that will show that these beach houses were not destroyed]

Commissioner Stewart said that he wanted to wait on a final vote on changing the Master Plan until the end of September. Being that the Commissioner from the very beginning has been in favor of changing the Navarre Beach Master Plan for Summer Place rezoning to High-Density, I suspect that Commissioner Stewart wanted to wait and vote on the issue in two months for several reasons.

Commissioner Stewart knew that he may not have the enough votes if a vote were taken at yesterday’s meeting. Commissioner Salter was in the hospital so his vote would not be counted. There are (5) Commissioners and because of Commissioner Salter’s absence there would only be (4) Commissioners voting. Commissioner Stewart knows that Commissioner Goodin will never be in favor of changing the Master Plan for Summer Place under any circumstances. Counting his vote Commissioner Stewart needed two more votes.

At yesterday’s meeting it appeared that Commissioner Cole might change his vote from two months ago to that of not changing the Master Plan. Commissioner Cole was asking a lot of questions where at previous meetings he was mostly silent.

Commissioner Broxton elaborated on his idea that the Master Plan should be decided by numerous meetings of the people of Navarre Beach. I think Commissioner Stewart knew he could count on Commissioner Broxton’s vote even though Commissioner Broxton voted not to change the Master Plan two months ago.

I think it really came down to Commissioner Stewart not being sure how Commissioner Cole would vote. He knew that if Commissioner Cole voted for NOT changing the Master Plan that there would be a split vote of 2 to 2. A split vote of 2 to 2 would be the same as a vote for NOT changing the Master Plan.

The key vote in September will be Commissioner Cole. Commissioner Goodin and Commissioner Salter have always supported not making changes to the Master Plan unless it is absolutely necessary.
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Fri Jul 27, 2007 12:07 pm

It is sad that they do not care what the citizens of Navarre want.
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Mon Sep 24, 2007 5:45 pm

citizens of navarre i would encourage you to show up and tell them what you think on a regular and continuous basis - they will slip it thru if they can - that is how closed government works - the only way to keep government open is to be there.
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