Another 16 Story High Rise Condo may be coming soon

This forum is where you find information about the Navarre Beach Master Plan. You can discuss here the pros and cons of changing the Navarre Beach Master Plan.
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Fri Jun 01, 2007 5:35 am

That's just wonderful. They actually listened to the people. You all must be very proud and happy!
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Fri Jun 01, 2007 6:59 am

Thanks Kenny for alerting us all to this important issue and spearheading the drive to thwart another attempt to change the the face of Navarre Beach/Navarre. Also a Speciasl Thanks to Commissioner Gordon Goodin for listening and agreeing with his constituents. Now that's the leadership were accustomed to..... Not afraid to step up to the plate. Job Well Done!!!!!

Navarrian 8)
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Fri Jun 01, 2007 7:27 am

FANTASTIC!!! Let's continue to have our voice heard as there is power in numbers. Let us also keep a sharp eye out for further attempts to go against the NB master plan. Congatulations to all and a special thanks to Kenny for his help and support!
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We want 2 live in Navarre
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Fri Jun 01, 2007 7:44 am

Navarian said it right!

We Won ha ha Yesssssssssss

Great job to all that helped and sent e-mail.

Red :D
Someday we will call Navarre Beach our Home!
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Fri Jun 01, 2007 10:34 am

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Sat Sep 29, 2007 6:02 pm

clockdoc45 wrote:Boy there are a lot of reasons expressed on how and who this rezoning will affect. Some very personal and others complaining about how others will make a lot of money.
I'm sorry and I do not want to be raining on your parade , But the county has put the agenda in place and you are not going to change anything. I left Destin because it boomed in a few short years. Over built and many days traffic gridlock. Navarre Beach has the first step put in place by the county with the taxes. The hurricanes added another step, lack of vacationers and higher insurance. The the final stage is almost everything on the island is for sale. Guessing I would say there is between 40 to 60% of the property on the island is for sale. Another problem that exists is , at this period of time there no buyers for what is for sale. So if the zoning is changed these sellers now have prospective buyers and that would make them happy. Those who are selling most likely just want a buyer. If those buyers are coming to the beach to build condos that will make the county happy. Just look at what the windfall of taxes would be.
Now lets look at the other side. There are locals who want to go to the beach and keep it like it is. There are vacationers that want it to stay the same. There are also owners of land who want to build there someday. That is where I am at this point. But I see the writing on the wall. When they pass the zoning change I'll be able to sell my lot because it will no longer serve the purpose I once wanted. It's not what I want to see happen, but open your eyes and see what logic says. The chance is so very slim to keep the island as it is. I'll most likely go with the flow and try to find a new Navarre beach. Unfortunately the choices are getting very very slim. I wish the best to all of you, But remember nothing remains the same.

Fellow lovers of Navarre Beach and Red who is also a lover of Navarre Beach.

Back on May 17 a few people jumped on me because of what I stated on this forum. My statement was made to let you know not everyone wants the same thing . Again I'll repeat myself, many, many people want this to be filled with condos and the island to change. I can not tell you what to do but if you don't want change you really have your work cut out for you. Emails are great they let your representative know how you feel. But you are wrong these representatives DO NOT work for you only, They represent the county and many other people like you that have different views. This island will change and it will continue to change. It will not remain the nice peaceful place we now enjoy. To the people that wanted the single family homeowner to be taxed out, *And you all know who you are and what you have said* Your dream will come true and our island is never going to be the same. Not only is it my GREAT LOSS but yours too. I've heard about the greedy rich people on the island. Well you were wrong, many of the owners of land on the island we not rich , just trying to make a living. Now you can watch the changes and see some real rich people at work. Changes are going to come and it will make a big difference as to how we get to enjoy our beautiful island. Always watch what you wish for you may get it.

Have a great day at the beach. Its days may be numbered as we know it.

Don't even jump on me for what I wrote, I just say it the way it is.
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