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Here is where you post your Navarre Beach old photos and videos. Photos about 60 days old posted on other sub-forums may be moved here. This is where you share your memories of the past of Navarre Beach.
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How to Post Photos on
the Navarre Beach Life Forum

Everything you always wanted to know about posting your photos on this Forum, but were afraid to ask.

Step 1
First you have to upload your photo from your computer to a free or paid photo upload online site. I use as a paid site for a lot of my photos. However, there are plenty of FREE upload sites, too. You might try uploading your photos to some of the following FREE sites:

Once you upload your photos on the site that you have selected they will appear for viewing.

Step 2
Right click the photo that you have selected from your photo upload site and a window will open, left click Properties, high light the Address (URL), and click Copy. The URL will appear similar to the “example” as follows: ... C_0231.jpg

Step 3
After you click Copy, go to the Navarre Beach Life Forum, click new topic or post reply, Paste the URL to the message body, highlight the URL type with your mouse, click the img button above the message body.

Step 4
Click Submit. I always click Preview so I that I can see if the image was successful and then I click Submit. To add multiple photos to your post just repeat the steps above. Now see how easy that was. I suggest that you print a copy of these instructions.
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