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Wed Mar 16, 2016 11:09 am

I am going to braided line and I have seen anglers on the pier with HighVis Yellow and a variety of others. My question is, do the fish seem to be spooked by line colors, specifically HighViz lines? The fish I target are Kings, Spanish, Cobia, Tarpon, etc. Also, do those that use the HighViz line also attach a leader or tie the braid directly to the hook. Thanks
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Don't know if this article will be helpful to you, but it's an interesting read about fishing and color of lures, etc. I think most of our fishermen/women must be busy fishing and haven't been reading the forum lately.
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They use a fluorocarbon leader (line to line knot) at the end of the braided line - it's invisible to the fish underwater. The bright color braid is for them to watch movements in their line above the water in case they don't "feel" a strike.

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Strangely enough, the color of the braided line does not seem to make a difference. I fish with yellow and have seen dark green, red, blue, etc. The key is the flourocarbon leader material. For Kings in the early morning and even later in the morning, wire is the best route, although I have caught many Kings with with a 50-60 lb, flourocarbon leader without getting cut off. Might not recommend that way but I have.
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