How to search for information on the Forum

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How to search for information on the Forum

How to search Keywords for topic title and message text

By using the Forum’s Search tool at the top of every page you can open up all posts that include the keywords such as “photos”, “beach erosion”, “fishing pier”, “national seashore” and other keywords. The Forum’s Search tool works similar to the Google keywords search engine.

Example: Let’s say that you want to search for all the photos that have been posted over the past 3 years on the Forum. Just follow the easy steps as follows:

Step 1: Click on the Search tool at the top of the Forum page.

Step 2: Type in your keyword “photos” and click Search.

Step 3: Now you can click on all the posts that include photos or discuss the keywords photo or photos.

Step 3: You also can refine your search by utilizing the Author (Username) or the Search Options tools.

The Search tool should greatly assist you in finding information in an old post or locating posts that have been moved to other Forums by the Administrator/Moderator.
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