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Tue Jul 28, 2020 8:41 am

This is my personal belief but I have heard from many that feel the same. I believe God allowed this "virus" to do what it has done in order to get our attention and to show us that we were idolizing many things in this country except the one thing we should have been...God. I count myself guilty in this. Sports was one of them for this country and myself. This is a time to refocus on what is important and what should not be that important.

With that said, I think the 2020 sports calendar is shot. Certainly the pro sports and frankly with the exception of the PGA, which you rarely rarely hear of anything negative coming out of the PGA, I could care less if the NBA and NFL failed completely. Too many idiots in both. MLB, with all the new Covid rules it just is not fun to watch and certainly not with no fans in the stands. Now with new outbreaks that season is in true jeopardy. I am accustomed now to not watching. Now college football and the benefits to all the other collegiate sports programs via college football, that would be quite detrimental to myself, many others and again to the overall well being of the kids and all the benefits they and the schools gain from competing.

Wonder what 2021 will bring? I guess that depends on who is elected?
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