And Navarre Comes In 12th

Here is the main forum about Navarre Beach. You will find tons of information, condo/beach house rentals, and discussion about the most beautiful beach in the world. Welcome to Paradise!
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Wed Feb 27, 2019 9:36 am

So I am reading this article from Trip Advisor that is ranking the top 25 USA Beaches. What they were ranked on, I have no idea but Pensacola came in the top 10. Clearwater was number 1. Really? Over Hawaii's? Anyway, there is a beach in Georgia and one in South Caroline that beat Navarre. Are you kidding me? Brown water and brown sand and it beats Navarre?

Panama City Beach #3
Pensacola Beach #5

Recent TripAdvisor review: "Most likely to not be crowded, best chances of free parking, more shells, lots of beach showers, toilet access - and the same great ocean as Myrtle Beach. As locals, this is where our family goes most often when we go to the beach."
Helpful tips: Look for shark teeth
12. Navarre Beach – Navarre, Florida

"And the same great ocean as Mrytle Beach????? Something is amiss!
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Wed Feb 27, 2019 10:53 am

HAHAHA.....before I scrolled down far enough to see you question MB, I was already thinking to myself, "Myrtle Beach has a great ocean?" We've stayed at Crescent Keyes a few times and I've encountered clearer water and less vegetation in Lake Michigan, by the steel mills no less!
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