Here is the main forum about Navarre Beach. You will find tons of information, condo/beach house rentals, and discussion about the most beautiful beach in the world. Welcome to Paradise!
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Fri Feb 05, 2021 8:32 pm

I want to thank those who are in or near Navarre for keeping us up to date on current conditions, issues, etc. For those of us who, unfortunately, can't be at the beach as often as we'd like, ya'll are a real blessing. The information you provide to us makes us feel like we are in the know.

Now, if the weather, the economy and the coronavirus situation would all really improve, I'd love to come put my rear in a beach chair, my toes in the sand - probably with a cold beer in my hand.
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Sat Feb 06, 2021 8:59 am

Hope you can make it soon!

The weather - a bit cool and occasionally nasty with rain and clouds (like today, and yesterday!) the last couplie of months (and your personal financial economy?) may be issues - but the coronavirus situation is not keeping folks from Navarre Beach.

Monthly bed tax revenues (a measure of folks staying short term in hotels, motels, condos, etc.) have exceeded the figures from the same month a year before, pre-coronavirus, starting last July to date.
(Did take a big hit in March thru June - while figuring things out and the beach was "closed".) ... -2019-2020

Wife and I regularly dine out - outdoors when we can. May be a bit more careful than some as we are both 70 and wife has COPD and a year ago had chemo for cancer (OK so far!). Do find that restaurants have spread tables out which is nice - and makes it easier to move around, especially as wife needs to use a small scooter. Some restaurants closed - especially over in Pensacola/Pensacola Beach - but that may have more to do with damage from hurricane Sally and the 3-mile bridge being closed?

Just bring masks (whether you think needed or not) - that is the ticket to most indoor stuff.
Glad we do not live in one of the perpetual "lock-down" states! Most everything is open here.
Cheers, Pete
Go Vikings!
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